Solidoodle Aims To Impact Global Markets With Launch of Worldwide Tech Phenomenon In One of the Biggest Technological Shake Ups Since The Industrial Revolution

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Jan. 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Solidoodle, the brainchild of 3D printing industry veteran Sam Cervantes, is taking the world by storm. Just a year old, the company is the recipient of the prestigious Best of New York Tech Day Product Award from CNET and is rated as one of the top 5 gadgets by ABC News. Solidoodle is the maker of the world’s first $500 3D printer. Solidoodle was conceived around an idea based in bringing to reality nearly anything the mind can possibly conceive. The product is so groundbreaking in its conception that it is at the forefront of its field, in pioneering new options to materialize just about anything you can see — as long as it fits within the confines of the printer’s dimensions.

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Cervantes, who is a former executive at Makerbot, brings his masterful knowledge of aerospace engineering and brilliant craftsmanship to this prolific device from a New York based factory in Brooklyn, NY. A two decade veteran in mechanical engineering and business manufacturing, Cervantes’s profound technological expertise spearheads Solidoodle to the front of the market with a 3D printer having the largest build area in its class as well as being the most affordable and durable consumer printer of its kind.

The brilliance of Solidoodle is such that it changes the entire landscape of the manufacturing industry and supports the rise of a new form of American independence. The ideals of Solidoodle support the heart of the American values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The core of the Solidoodle philosophy surrounds the ideals of creativity, autonomy, imagination and originality.

Solidoodle intends to be the preeminent leader in transforming the medical and military industries by being the first company of its kind to hand the keys of freedom to not just the technicians and builders of the manufacturing industry, but also, to the average consumer. Imagine a future where a doctor uses a Solidoodle 3D Printer to treat a patient in the field with custom implants. This is only one of the future possibilities of Solidoodle that might allow medical experts to treat their patients in one visit by the instantaneous printing of implants. Instead of going from specialist to specialist, one primary authority might be able to master their field of specialization and at the same time take control over their work. This will significantly help patients in obtaining better health care as well as more financial independence.

Solidoodle differentiates itself from the rising field of 3D printing manufacturers by placing the power into the hands of the consumers themselves by combining affordability, inventiveness, self-expression and accessibility. With Solidoodle, if you need it, you can create it. Consider a submarine deep in the bottom of the Atlantic ocean missing an important piece — Imagine having a Solidoodle 3D printer on hand to be able to print these items right away in the event of a nationwide conflict. Such is an example of the power given to the public with the start of a record breaking year in 2013 for Solidoodle. Millions will have greater access to personalized freedom in a wide range of industries.

Solidoodle is part of the nascent robotics revolution. This new era rests on the foundations of the industrial revolution of 1900’s, the personal computer era of the 1980’s, and the information revolution of the new millennium. The coming robotics revolution is the culmination of these three eras, made possible by mass-production techniques, inexpensive and powerful microprocessing technology, and the Internet.

Solidoodle intends to be the premiere leader in providing the next step tools for not only new manufacturers, but also for the average customer.  The goal of Solidoodle is to enable patrons of all economic and social statuses to have access to the materials they need and henceforth removing the need to solely rely on builders and craftsmen. From makeup artists to doctors to artists to students, Solidoodle is focused on the instantaneous production of life’s imminent necessities and pleasures via economically efficient and effectively viable 3D printing solutions.

In early February, Solidoodle invites media outlets from all over the world to come to a live factory tour and media briefing at our company headquarters in the heart of New York City, where distinguished industry personnel will get a live tour of the factory and exclusive product  introduction with Solidoodle founder Sam Cervantes.

In addition for 2013, you can expect the introduction of the Solidoodle generation three printer which combines affordability, strength and efficiency.  The all-steel frame is so strong, in fact, that a 200lb man can literally stand on top of the machine while it’s printing. The Solidoodle’s moving parts are designed so that they will move smoothly and never bind.The Solidoodle 3rd Generation Printer is due for release in January.

For the new year Solidoodle has many things in store for its worldwide consumers. For 2013, patrons can:

Expect Bigger Prints

Solidoodle released a beta version of a high-resolution .1 mm Repetier-Host profile for Solidoodlers as an early Christmas present in early December, enabling them to make objects with layers so thin that they are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Expect a thoroughly tested version of the profile in the new year.

Expect Better Value

In January, the company will begin shipping the Solidoodle 3 – 3D printer, with 512 cubic inches of printing volume — more than double that of the Solidoodle 2. In addition to a larger build area, expect continued improvements across the entire Solidoodle product line in 2013, providing stronger machines and higher precision prints while maintaining low prices for consumers. Existing Solidoodlers won’t need to feel left in the dust though, with affordable upgrade kits also being made available to bring their printers’ capabilities up to date.

Expect Greener Options

While ABS plastic filament has been the standard for Solidoodlers, PLA (polyactic acid) plastic filament has always been compatible with Solidoodle 3D printers. To make it easier for our users, we’ll be adding PLA plastic filament to our online store. PLA plastic is made from natural materials found in plants like corn, tapioca and sugarcane. In addition to being made from renewable materials, it can be harvested and processed more locally. With PLA’s lower melting point, Solidoodlers require less electricity to print, making for a smaller carbon footprint. Consumers should also expect different colors of the standard ABS filament.

No other 3D printer in the world combines capacity, utility, affordability, and accessibility the way Solidoodle printers do. Praised by USA Today as being “magic”, Solidoodle is the beneficiary of numerous industry distinctions by The Tech Journal, Wired, Engadget and PC World amongst others. Solidoodle is on a precipice of technological greatness utilizing creative expression and technological independence in its effort to change the way humanity creates and consumes products.

About Solidoodle

Solidoodle is a New York based 3D printing company specializing in manufacturing affordable and easy-to-use 3D printers. The Solidoodle was created by aerospace engineer Sam Cervantes to be a prolific device combining accessibility with affordability through its user friendly and practical apparatus with the goal of putting manufacturing independence in the hands of the masses and bringing the vivid imagination to life. In 2012, Solidoodle had a record breaking first year with 2 million in sales. Solidoodle is the 2012 CNET Winner of Best of NY Tech. Solidoodle has been featured in highly respected media outlets such as USA Today, ABC, NBC & Wired. Visit Solidoodle at www.solidoodle.com or Facebook.com/solidoodle and twitter.com/solidoodle3d


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