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Kevin Bailey Brings Fire to Our Young People

Fri Sep 4, 2009 12:12pm EDT



NEW YORK, Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ — Kevin Bailey is the author of the

critically- acclaimed Anthony Meets the Playground Bully, the debut book from

his multi-book Anthony Kid’s Safety series and Parenting is Kid Stuff101.

Kevin is also a blog-talk-radio host of Kevin-Bailey-Speaks and featured

columnist for The Hempstead Uniondale Times. Mr. Bailey is increasingly

becoming a much sought after radio and TV personality; having appeared on 88.1

WXBA; 98.3 KJOY; Hofstra University radio; MLITV; and most recently was

featured as LI Cablevision Channel 12 News’ 12Making a Difference personality,

just to name a few.

A man of his word and one of sound doctrine and discipline, Mr. Bailey brings

a certain level of warmth and charisma to his teachings. Whether he is

speaking in universities or local organizations, you can trust that what you

have received will be a powerful message that is commanding, life changing and

one that reaches to the core. Mr. Bailey uses the hard earned lessons of his

youth to inspire, motivate and uplift the young people of his generation. This

is a man who has experienced it all and knows every fear, loneliness, need and

desperation of every young person. His messages have an effect because they

come from a place of realness. Brought up in a warm and strict home, Mr.

Bailey was no doubt surrounded by difficult times, but the love and affection

he received from his family gave him power and strength to be able to move out

and expand his coasts while sharing those powerful lessons and bonds. As Mr.

Bailey has said, “That display of love has driven me to be a giver to my

fellow man; and totally engulfed my entire being every bit as much as those

flames engulfed my home while I as a young boy and my family, could only watch

in disbelief from the curb.”

Being raised in a large family, Mr. Bailey learned first hand, many of the

very same lessons about relationships, hopes, shattered dreams, successes, and

over coming seemingly insurmountable odds that most people have to travel the

globe to become astute in. Kevin willingly, entertainingly and provocatively

delivers this valuable arsenal of awareness in a very gentle manner that

totally belies his large 6’6 250 pound frame which often depicts him more as a

professional athlete more than an author and speaker.

Whether he is invited to speak to senior citizens, nurses, corporate

professionals; or in front of a group of young students or scouts, he seizes

those moments to capsulate his thoughts as he astonishes and amazes his

awestruck audience with his delivery of fresh ideas and self building

confidence, creating a frenzy of listeners wanting to immediately tackle the

world.  As the author of 13 books, Mr. Bailey brings a refreshing and

influential addition to the literary field. His wisdom, wit, knowledge and

compassion are renowned, as he is known for inspiring young people from the

streets of Harlem to the jail cells. Mr. Bailey is an activist at heart, he

believes in getting on the ground to do the dirty work. He believes in

empowering those around him to live his best life and to reach for the stars

even though you feel as you might not deserve it. “Even when you shouldn’t

win, you can will yourself to win. You need only to believe YOU CAN’T LOSE!”-

Kevin Bailey. It is with this background, fire and insight that Mr. Bailey

introduces a new book titled Young Adults: Think, Believe & Become Rich to a

worldwide audience ready to be inspired and uplifted from the darkness of

despair and failure. This is a book that you will want to read. Mr. Bailey’s

impressive background includes teachings at the Fifth Ave elementary school of

Bayshore, the Brightwaters Library of Brightwaters LI,  Mulligan Elementary of

Central Islip and NY Stony Brook University amongst others.

Kevin Bailey will be on tour soon to promote his forthcoming book.

Young Adults: Think, Believe & Become Rich is available now on


For more information on Mr. Bailey, bookings, tour dates and his speaking

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