Distinguished Public Relations was conceived around the notion that Public Relations should be a smooth and flawless interface of connection and controlled communication between the public and the client. This should be a well thought-out and smooth operation, with a resourceful impeccable transaction, which allows for a continuous flow of guarded information and guarantees that the image of the client or product is kept focused, clear, consistent and distinguished. At Distinguished PR we believe that a carefully crafted image is vital to all our clients. We intend for that image which has been conceived and perfected through hard work and strategy to be groomed and defined with a state of the art campaign geared towards an introduction into the public eye using key selectivity measures and a keen awareness of public consciousness. We at Distinguished PR work on the strengths of our connections and networks in industries ranging from music to digital entertainment to movies to politics down to consumer and communication fields. We have select sources placed at all corners of the market that report back to us on trends and prospects. We consistently strive for excellence. We aim for high impact coverage from all corners of the business and trade industries. We relentlessly seek to make an ineradicable stamp in a world where competition is fierce with an array of clientele coming from the fields of publishing, fashion, movies, lifestyle and corporate America, all of whom we uphold in the palm of our hands. We seek to maintain a firm grasp on our tightly knit approach to media consumption. And to that end, we work, we work and we work some more. Not until our objections are met and our goals are succeeded, do we stop. For us this is a non-stop fusion of style, image management, travel arrangements, bookings, labor relations and endless communication all geared towards an immersion in the public eye that is smooth and effortless.


University Educated, sophisticated, and savvy, Renae Francis has already made a name for herself as a PR and Brand Architect who regularly books high profile celebrities for upscale appearances and noted tv interviews. Known for her practiced but warm approach, Ms Francis has already walked side by side with some of the most well known performers and artists of our generation. If it is connections that it takes to make it in this industry, then it is connections that she has.

Editors from People Magazine to CNN already know her on a first name basis. While many Publicist’s and Entertainment Consultants remain aloof, abrasive and removed, Ms Francis is known for her sunny demeanor, charismatic approach and bottom line determination.

“I am interested in people, their feelings and how to best elevate their most desirable assets” She once said. And she is indeed known for her approach ability and likability, a rare combination of class and strength, down to earthness and sophistication.

Herself a mixture of British, Caribbean and American heritage, Ms Francis in her 13 year old career has served as Brand Ambassador, Media Specialist & Public Relations Extraordinaire. She is known for her exotic beauty, poise and charisma.

Working with everyone and everything from Boxers, to Hotels to restaurants to Musicians, Ms Francis is well able to wear a number of hats in event design, brand development, celebrity procurement and crisis management. Having worked personally with some of the most prolific names in the industry such as Elisabetta Canalis, Manny Pacquiao, Christina Milian, Traci Bingham, Ameriie, and Miguel Cotto, Ms Francis has the networks, the experience and the strategic mastermind to get results and to get them fast.

Able to captivate with her incredible energy, wit and intellect, she approaches all her assignments and projects with gusto and fervor. Never one to take no for an answer, she assumes a can do mentality and a gracious approach with all her clients and partners.

A mutli faceted trend studier with sharp instincts and a firm mind, Ms Francis has her hand in everything from entertainment marketing to endorsement deals down to campaign strategy and product placement.

She is a great student of life and in the school of life, she takes many valuable lessons with her in her numerous conquests.